Growing up as sisters, we used to always “share” clothes –sometimes without asking of course, but we both had very different style and could make each others clothes give a very different vibe to represent who we are by putting our own flare on everything! Now many years later into adult hood, nothing has changed, we still share clothing but way more willingly nowadays of course! We both love fashion and being able to take the same exact piece of clothing and styling it different ways to make it feel more like ourselves – something we have always been good at! 

We believe that being able to express who you are even just through your fashion is important, and clothing can be universal no matter who wears it! Being able to express yourself often requires self love and there is a saying, when you look good – you feel good! So along this journey, with this boutique we want to spread love and positivity throughout all women, which is why our mission will reiterate to do everything in love, do all things with love, and let all that you do be done in love! #WesteriaWomen